Being active or accomplished,Where do you fall?

Each and every day, we all strive continually to have the extra edge in life .But wait,there’s One important thing you need to know before you move on!, :
“there is a great difference between being active and actual accomplishment of your goals”.

But how? Let me explain, Many people feel like ‘if am active then i will surely be productive’. This is not true! Too often people run around shuffling papers, going back and forth to meetings and are continually on and off their cell phones, but they never accomplish a single task.
Consequently, they never obtain their ultimate goal. This is because most of their activities are not thoughtful enough,they just tend to live life as it rolls towards them.Not actually thinking out their goals well before embarking on each. If you want to achieve, you need to set daily, productive actionable goals that are results- oriented. It i’ll be fine if you have someone like a goal partner – an accountability partner – someone you can be accountable to each and every day to make sure you did what you said you were going to do! As soon as you instill this into your mindset, you will see the results of your productive efforts flourish very quickly. The daily compounding of effectiveness will be very dramatic for you to witness. The key to success is leverage, but you must be confident in your efforts to be duplicated in a productive manner. You need to ask yourself a very powerful, truthful question every night as you retire to bed, “If everyone did today what I did for my life, how much would they have actually accomplished?” Always remember, a small improvement over a long period of time produces dramatic results!
This article is less of juxtaposition, Its is a call to action!.Begin to review your actions TODAY…RIGHT NOW! Confirm that they are accomplishment-oriented and that your mindset reflects productivity,Not just ordinary movements termed as activity. You will surely see outstanding results.
just one more small piece of advice

” Always be a truthful judge of your actions.”

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