How To Deal With Failure-Overcoming Failure In Life

What is failure?,who is a failure?.Maybe its something you didn’t do well at,or that relationship that went to blazes with all hopes,or it’s that ragged guy in your locality?,or the government officials that didn’t deliver?.We may continue to define failure in ways that please our emotions,but as a matter of fact,Failure is not,the lack of success,but the inability to do what you can do the best way you can.This is what leads into lack of visible success,which earns you the tag of being unsuccessful.
Failure is a form of habit,that creeps into your life while you tend not to count things that matters,those times you indulge in some thoughtless acts of laziness.
Do You Fail? t”s your own making,its a result of your lack of insight.No one is harming you, you are guilty of harming yourself,out of your own free will! through ignorance.You need to accept it,no matter how bitter it appears to be.This knowledge alone is enough to librate you from the valley of the low keys,to place you on high,where you take charge of your destiny!.

Back to the real issue,how can you overcome failure?.how do you send the idiot packing from your life to his early grave?.Here are the things you must do,like weapons, you must put them to use diligently and consistently to win this faceoff with failure.

Take it or leave it,one of the surest way to succeed is to determine not to fail.Where there is a WILL, success will pitch its must determine to give your best in whatever you do.You must take the stand of doing all you can,anywhere,anytime.Though doing your very best might cost you some things,it will pay off at the long run.In the process of trying to do your best,lots of other handy things will come around.

As the old proverb says “the patient dog eats the fattest bone “.All acts towards success must be spoused by patience.Patience guarantees you the hope and assurance of success,these are the guys that will keep you up in the business of doing your best,even if success keeps late.Moreover,you must make perseverance your close friend.No doubt, you will go through trying fires,but perseverance shall soothe you through.


Common sense!,my dear is another priceless stone you must discover,it is the best weapon you can keep in your armory.This is what lacks in the life of many people who sees themselves as failures, something the truly successful ones have discovered.This is your own simple wisdom in your own wise way.It is no way common,but unique only to you.This wisdom keeps you from making same mistakes all over again,it makes you capable of leading the life of your own ,a pattern that stands out wherever you are.You can only discover it, if you listen deeply to the beats and tunes of your life,take a break out of your busy mind and listen to yourself,bit by bit,you will start to discover,this hidden treasure deposited in you.It will be your best adviser even when you are successful.

And the ruler of them all-PRAYER!.This has power beyond measure to turn things around,when you’ve done all your humanly possible best,commit it to GOD.

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