How To Succeed In Marriage-10 deadly mistakes to avoid

The success of your marriage depends mostly on you,your attitude and how you face your realities.Here are 10 mistakes you should avoid,if you truly want a blissful marriage .

1. Putting your kids first

 Marriage can suffer when your children always come before your partner.
2. Not making time for friends
For many, especially women, socializing with friends can boost their energy and make them feel connected to the world around them. So make time with your friends.

3. Shutting down sexually
Sense of intimacy and closeness is primarily achieved through sex. So when you’re not sexually available to your partner, the feeling of romance intimacy and connectedness may fade too quickly.

4. Not setting boundaries

Most girls are trained from an early age to be pleasers and to meet everyone else’s needs before their own.And they tend to bring this into their marriage life.Unless you take the time to recharge your batteries and say “no” once in a while, your life and your relationships will always be a struggle.

5. Not listening
This includes
allowing your mind to wander, paying more attention to the computer or television set, ignoring body language and interrupting.

6. Argue to win
You do not need to have the last word in every argument. Admit it when you make a mistake or when you do not have all the answers. Instead, work out that problem together amicably.

6. Dishonesty

Having lies and secrets in your relationship can create distance and a lack of trust between you and your spouse.

7. Not fulfilling your promises
When you say you will do something, do it. Broken promises can cause marriage to suffer.

10. Having temper tantrums
Conflict should be handled in a constructive way. Having angry outburst may win an argument but it will be at the expense of the relationship.

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