How To Speak Well In Public

Speaking well in public doesn’t require any special ability.You don’t have to be very intelligent to speak well in front of a crowd. Take it or not,great public speakers are not more special than you are,they are just people who have mastered some simple set of skills possessed by all.(even those with half brains)

.A lot of people are resolved to the lie that they are never going to speak in well in front of a crowd, not knowing it is as simple as any thing could be. Outlined below are tips that will greatly improve you,even if you are the shy type.


Getting to speak well in public requires you to control your fears. Fear is the greatest enemy of man.Most times,fear will not let you think well .Your brain can really get nervous in fear,thus you make stupid decisions (And foolish speeches too).Fears don’t exist,you created them, t”s something you can get rid of anytime you want.
The feeling of Shame does no good at all.Shame makes your words lose value,meaningless and less appealing to your audience.Eliminating shame is very important,if you want to be an effective speaker.


Either you are speaking to a small group or thousands of people,preparation does wonders.Prepare your points and rehearse them.Practicing before the actual day with your friends, family or an imaginary audience makes you more comfortable, improving the overall effectiveness of your delivery.Preparation reduces the tendency of under-performance.


To speak effectively,you must know your audience.Are they young,old or middle aged?, what is their social and educational status?,what are their religious views?,are they from your locality?.

Try to think like your audience,what will their views be? imagine their own side of the story,or even interview a possible prospect.Finetune your style (and points) based on the facts you’ve gathered,get more facts if you are not satisfied.


Correct body usage helps drive the message home.Use your hands and legs,with a good eye to eye co-ordination.You can move about,use gestures and wear a smile.Expressing your emotions accordingly,but moderately as well does great in convincing your people.


Your conclusion will leave an impression in the mind of your audience,maybe a good one.Avoid irrelevant repetitions, be yourself.

And lastly,
Say something they will remember you for.

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