How To Bounce Back To Life-Bringing Back Your Good Old Days

Often times,we find ourselves entangled in a web of boredom.Feeling less zeal for our activities,life becomes tiresome,less exciting and unmotivating.We throw up the cover,shifting the blame to our situations,when we ought to face the day.

Ferried by the waves of uncontrolled thoughts,We land at the island of self pity,isolation,and loneliness; we start to whine and mull over it like an old milling machine,thinking “the good old times fled from us”.

Perhaps, you are feeling overwhelmed by work,sad about the pains and sufferings of your world?, or just bored with the routines of daily life?.
Something strange isn’t happening to you,though it may be a bit trying and difficult.Giving up should be the last thing on your list,this is a time you have to gather your inner strenghts and bounce back,a time you have to stare the situations in the face,no matter how terrible looking they appear.
Outlined below are steps that will make your world come alive again,it’s never too late to mend the pieces!

1) Take a “Time Out”

Prolonged stress can wear you out and suck any enthusiasm you ever had. Before doing anything else, take a few minutes to empty your mind of all stress and worry. This takes practice,as thoughts come into your mind, gently push them back out and continue to keep your mind empty and calm. Take slow, deep breaths and let all of your muscles relax. Sit quietly and recharge your batteries. Try to do this daily, or even twice daily.

2) Get Excited –

Think about the things you have planned for the day, and rekindle the enthusiasm you once felt for them. Travel back in time for a moment, and think of what you were once so excited about. What made your heart beat a little faster? Recapture that feeling and hang onto it! Even if your tasks aren’ t anything to be really excited about, at least think of some positive benefits to doing them. Even irrelevant tasks have some benefits. It’s just a matter of switching our mindset to see the positive side.

3) Get Inspired –

Read something that inspires you:motivationals, inspirational photos etc. Read something that will make you laugh.Consciously move your thoughts to a more positive place. Focusing on nothing but work and our daily tasks in life can leave us feeling pretty uninspired. It’s easy to turn it around if we want to. We just have to seek out things that will lift our spirits and our moods. Make it a point to laugh, be happy, joyful and lighthearted each day. Don’t wait for inspiration to come knocking on your door, go out and find it, or create it. Conjure up some funny or touching memories. Write them in a down so you can go back and read them when you’re feeling down.

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